Gravity Works Everywhere -- Event Safety Alliance presents at the 2nd International Theatre Safety Symposium in South Korea

Event Safety Alliance presents at the second International Theatre Safety Symposium in South Korea

This fall, the Event Safety Alliance was invited to speak as part of the Asian Safety Alliance’s International Theatre Safety Symposium in Seoul, Seoul Korea. While the conference focused primarily on safety at theatre-style performance facilities, there was much discussion about how good safety practices in the theater vertical cross over to live events of all types. ESA Chairman Jim Digby and Executive Director Dr. Donald Cooper presented on a wide range of topics including building occupancy, weather safety, communication amongst stakeholders, guidance development, and the need for globalized standards for safety training in the live event space.

A truly international gathering, the event was attended by concerned professionals from Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, China, and Korea, along with representatives from Germany, United Kingdom, and the United States.

The Symposium was hosted by the Korean Testing Laboratory’s Theater Safety Center, a leading testing and certification body in Korea established for the purpose of improving technology and global competitiveness in a number of industries. The Theater Safety Center works closely with advanced testing laboratories around the world to ensure Korean testing and certification standards can be applied in assessing the quality of products around the globe.

“It was an absolute privilege to take part in the Theatre Safety Symposium”, stated Digby. “Safety is a universal right, and it’s both exciting and encouraging to see leading voices from around the globe come together to discuss, learn, and collaborate on how to improve conditions within our industry”.

Attending Organizations:

Sapsis Rigging


Stage & Show Services

Jeongdong Theater

Organization of Theatrical Arts and Technicians

Korean National University

National Grand Theater


China Entertainment Technology

China Entertainment Technology Magazine

Republic Polytechnic School of Technology for the Arts


Marina Bay Sands Singapore

The Star Performing Arts Center

Taiwan Association of Theater Technology

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