Event Safety Alliance Joins ETCP Council


The Event Safety Alliance (ESA) has accepted a seat on the Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) Council, and Steve Adelman, Head, Adelman Law Group, PPLC will serve as the representative. The ETCP Council is the governing body which manages the development and implementation of ETCP’s certification in the areas of Rigger – Arena, Rigger – Theatre, Entertainment Electricians, and Portable Power Distribution Technician.

“We are extremely pleased that the ESA has joined the Council and that Steve Adelman will be sitting at the table. The ESA’s focus on safety at live events and Steve’s expertise in risk management and litigation regarding safety and security will be a true asset to the program,” stated Tim Hansen, ETCP Council Chair.

“I am honored to join the ETCP Council and to support its efforts to expand recognition of and insistence on ETCP certification when hiring professionals to perform skilled work,” says Adelman. “While the law simply requires everyone to behave reasonably under the circumstances, when performing complex tasks that potentially impact the safety of technicians, performers, and audiences, a reasonable worker should have applicable training and certification, and a reasonable employer should insist on using properly trained and certified workers. I hope to use my lawyerly advocacy skills to spread this truth, which I believe to be self-evident.”

Source: Live Design

Jacob WorekESA