Behind the Scenes — Bringing Help and Hope in Times of Need

Behind the Scene is the industry charity that provides financial assistance to entertainment technology professionals who are seriously ill or injured. Along with the financial relief, BTS brings a sense of hope for the future that can be almost as powerful. Lee, a BTS grant recipient wrote, “I am the sound man - that guy whose name you may not remember. I was blessed for over 30 years to mix the sound for music in countless cities and countless countries. I’ve had the privilege to share that music with the best musicians in the world. The crews I have worked with are my family.

 “Then, all of a sudden I got sick. I was dying. My liver failed because of an auto immune disease. It hit hard and moved fast - WOW! Just imagine the thought of being penniless and homeless and hopeless and unable to help yourself. Your medical condition is completely out of your control and it is all happening within days. You can understand the emotions I felt. Thankfully a live donor, who volunteered half of his liver, and the doctors and nurses at USCUH were able to save me. 

 “I couldn’t believe that when I needed help Behind the Scenes was there and didn’t turn their back on me. I am the crew guy, not the superstar. Without Behind the Scenes I would not have made it - that’s a fact. 

I can never thank them enough for their help, and I can never thank them enough for the compassion they showed me in my true time of need. What an honor it is to be part of this community. It is a feeling that I can’t describe. For everybody who contributes to Behind the Scenes, thank you. You helped save my life.” Our industry is not an easy or safe place to make a living, but in many ways that is why we love it. So many of us survive from gig to gig counting on good health and our ability to continue working until we’re ready to stop at a time of our own choosing. Nobody is prepared to hear the doctor say “you need to have surgery and your recovery will take four months” or for the accident that happens late at night when everyone is tired or while riding your bike on your rare day off and a car comes out of nowhere.

Behind the Scenes was created so our industry could care for its own when tragedy strikes. Grants are tailored to each individual’s needs and can be used for basic living expenses such as rent/mortgage, utilities and transportation; for medical expenses such as doctor visits, medications, physical therapy, and health insurance; or to assist with funeral expenses.

BTS was created for those in the US and Canada who have chosen to make their careers in the entertainment industry, so to be eligible you must be able to prove that you have earned your living in the industry for at least five years. Whether you work on the road, behind the curtain, behind the camera, or for a company that manufacturers or supplies entertainment technology products and services, BTS exists to help you and your colleagues. Sometimes though, financial hardship is caused because an immediate dependent family member, such as a spouse/partner or child is ill or injured. Behind the Scenes will step in to help here as well.

The BTS Application for Assistance is available at or by emailing or calling 212-244-1421.

Completed applications with the required supporting documentation are generally reviewed within 48 hours of being received and grants can be issued immediately. Behind the Scenes is a true grassroots effort. Because we do not assist performers, we do not have big name stars helping us raise money. It’s up to you to make sure BTS can be there to help when someone is facing eviction, has had their heat and lights turned off, or can’t afford their medication. Please donate today at

When you do, you make moments like this possible, “I have no words that are suitable to describe our gratitude.”

Jacob Worek