Do You Have A Meteorologist on Your Crew?

by Dax Cochran, WeatherOps Entertainment Services

Stadium Warning.001.png

Most event professionals now agree that having a weather action plan is an imperative, regardless of event size. Being prepared to act quickly and decisively when severe weather threatens can make the difference between experiencing a minor inconvenience and a catastrophe.

However, even the most comprehensive weather plans are only as good as your knowledge of the threat. Effective implementation requires a thorough understanding of the behavior and impacts posed by severe weather, along with a reliable means of monitoring current and anticipated conditions.

There are a number of mobile apps and online resources available on the market that can supply current weather information. However, the quality and timeliness of this data often varies greatly, and leaves the end user to accurately interpret “what it all means” in order to determine an appropriate response - a difficult task for even the most experienced weather professional.

One effective alternative to “going it alone” is to employ a professional weather weather service. Combining mobile technology with a dedicated professional meteorologist, these services can provide specialized forecasting, monitoring, and alerting solutions based on the unique characteristics of your event. Utilizing information provided by the end user (such as structural and environmental requirements), some services can monitor weather conditions virtually anywhere on the planet, and provide 24/7 notification when conditions are expected to exceed pre-established thresholds.

Despite rapid advancements in forecasting technology, the investment for such services remains reasonable for most every event. When you’re putting together your next weather action plan, consider adding a professional meteorologist to your crew.

Shelby Cude