Counter Terrorism Advice for Concert Crew


In light of the tragic events last night in Manchester, we’d like to share the following email and document from Tim Roberts, ESA Board Member and Director of The Event Safety Shop. We hope that you find this information a helpful addition to your safety toolkit.

Dear All,

The appalling events in Manchester last night sadly confirm that some deluded souls consider concert audiences a legitimate target for murderous attack.

Those of us behind the scenes feel a mixture of shock, fear and duty: What can we do? How should we respond?

I have attached a briefing sheet for your information, and maybe to share with your crew. This isn’t official guidance, but as you can see I have put links in to other documents. Whilst it is centred around the UK and concert touring, the idea is to offer some practical ideas to people to make their show a harder target and to help with planning and incident response wherever they work.

I don’t claim to be a counter-terror professional, but we have been in the business of providing advice to productions, promoters and others for many years – and as part of my own sense of duty, I feel I should try and push this agenda with people I know.

As with all our advice; you can take it or leave it. But with regard to the threat itself – you can’t ignore it.

If you have any comments or additions, please let me know. I will update and improve wherever I can. If you think the attachment is useful, please feel free to share it.

Stay safe.

Tim Roberts
Director – The Event Safety Shop
T: +44 117 904 6204
M: +44 7710 180 846

Read the full article here.

Jacob WorekESA