DHS Acting Secretary Eliane Duke Discusses Public Safety at AT&T Park

DHS is Coordinating Closely with Private Sector Partners on Venue Security

On August 1,  Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke met with security officials at AT&T Park in San Francisco to discuss how DHS works alongside our private sector partners and local law enforcement on public venue security. Acting Secretary Duke reaffirmed DHS’s commitment to partnering with large venue security teams to ensure the safety of the American public.

“The Department of Homeland Security is proactively working with our private sector partners to ensure the safety and security of public venues and gathering places,” said Acting Secretary Duke. “As we saw in the tragic attack at Manchester Arena, high profile events make attractive targets for terrorists. DHS will continue to make public venue security a top priority, while striving to minimize potential inconveniences to the public.”

DHS works alongside professional sports leagues and public assembly venues to develop several programs for the safety, security, and resilience of sporting stadiums including everything from sharing threat information, training for hourly employees on recognition of suspicious activity around the venue, to unmanned aerial system awareness, and patron screening best practices guides.

Beyond the work with these venues, DHS also works to assist communities nationwide, reaching small and medium size businesses that attract large numbers of people, including but not limited to restaurants, clubs, grocery stores, places of worship and other venues often located near larger entertainment venues.  The Hometown Security portal on DHS.gov makes it easy to find free, useful information that helps communities and businesses enhance their security.

Shelby Cude