Event Recap: Event Safety Summit 2018

IF YOU WERE BLINDFOLDED and dropped into the room when Kevin Kloesel was speaking at the 2018 Event Safety Summit, you could be forgiven for thinking he was a magician. To illustrate his point, he pours water into three cups and proceeds to pour one of them over the head of an audience member. Before the water stops dripping off the good-natured victim’s head, Kloesel teasingly dangles the second cup of water over the head of another audience member. But when he overturns the cup, the water he originally poured has magically disappeared. The third cup? Who knows? Dr. Kloesel is a meteorologist, not a magician, but he uses magic to illustrate his point—it’s not always obvious what’s going to happen next with the weather. Even with the aid of weather apps, you can’t always get the full picture. Most apps, he says, do not provide information about a weather event in real time. Unless they use radar with a tilt angle of 40˚, which is very rare in weather apps, then there can be up to a 15-minute delay.

Jacob Worek