Measuring Chain Links: What Are The Considerations For Wear?

John, a steel fabricator out of Connecticut, asked the following question during a recent Columbus McKinnon safety webinar:

“When measuring links, are there any additional considerations for inspection and wear as it relates to the area around the embossing of the trace codes?”

Nick Fleming, Business Development Specialist for Columbus McKinnon’s CM Entertainment division, answers:

First, thank you for asking the question during our recent safety webinar. We always appreciate those who take the time to seek clarification rather than guessing at a possible solution.

Although it may seem that the area containing Columbus McKinnon’s trace codes and other embossed identification marks may need additional attention or measurement, it actually follows the same parameters as any other section of chain. The embossed areas of a chain are strategically located on the chain links so that no additional consideration is required beyond normal inspection procedures.

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Jacob Worek