Event Safety Alliance announces “Event Safety For All” Initiative

September 12, 2016 (Scottsdale, AZ) – Event Safety Alliance, a nonprofit trade association dedicated to improving safety within the live event and entertainment industry, announces the launch of the Event Safety For All initiative, a broad collection of changes to core programs designed to make active participation in the Event Safety Alliance accessible to everyone.

“The strength of the Event Safety Alliance has always been in its supporters,” stated ESA founder and Chairman Jim Digby. “Shifting the paradigm of safety over the long term is a herculean task that requires the involvement of everyone within the industry. In launching the Event Safety For All initiative, we hope to remove many barriers to participation in ESA programs, particularly for those just starting out in their careers.”

Primary elements of the Event Safety For All initiative include:

  • A substantial reduction of the annual membership fee to the Event Safety Alliance. Annual membership dues are now $75, down from a previous rate of $180 annually. Existing members in good standing will have their current renewal date extended to compensate for this change (Not a member? Join here).
  • A reduction in registration price for the 2016 Event Safety Summit to $1250 for members, and $1500 for non-members on all remaining registrations. Attendees who have previously registered at a higher rate will be contacted individually to arrange reimbursement for the difference in price (Register now).
  • Collaboration with ESTA (Entertainment Services and Technology Association; www.esta.org) to establish a new Event Safety Working Group that will work to transition the current Event Safety Guide into one or more ANSI standards (American National Standards Institute; www.ansi.org). The documents that result from this process would be widely accepted, national standards for many aspects of live event operations and planning, increasing the value of the information to the industry. Detailed information on this process and on applying to a Working Group can be found here.
  • A reduction in the price of the current version of the Event Safety Guide. Hard copies of the Guide will now retail for $24.95 through the ESA website, while eBook versions will list for a maximum of $4.99 on Amazon, iTunes, and other online providers (Note: Price changes by 3rd party providers may not be immediately reflected).
  • Release of the official French translation of the Event Safety Guide. Ebook versions of this translation will retail for $4.99 on Amazon, iTunes, and other online providers.
  • Announcement of two additional classroom deliveries of the ESA’s core safety training Event Safety Access. Trainings will be held October 20, 2016 in Las Vegas, and in Lititz, Pennsylvania on November 28. More information can be found at http://eventsafetyaccess.com.
  • Creation of a 24/7 online delivery option for Event Safety Access Training, which is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2017.

“The unwavering support of our members and sponsors has been crucial to the development of the Event Safety Guide, Event Safety Access Training, and Event Safety Summit,” said Digby. “In response to the demonstrated need for this new initiative, we are confident these changes will ensure our programs are accessible to those who will benefit the most.”

For more information on the Event Safety For All initiative, please visit http://eventsafetyalliance.org or email info@eventsafetyalliance.org.

Jacob WorekESA