Keep The Beat Alive CPR/AED Certifies Linkin Park Crew

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In March, members of the Linkin Park crew took part in CPR/AED training delivered by Keep The Beat Alive (KTBA). While such training has become a regular part of their tour preparations, this was KTBA’s first time instructing the Linkin Park team. According to Production Manager Jim Digby, their approach to the material proved an ideal fit for their organization.

“Keep the Beat Alive’s CPR training is perfect for roadies,” said Digby. “Dr B. [KTBA Co-Founder Dr. Damian Brezinski] knows our industry and the challenges faced by touring crews. They understand that getting an entire team in the same room for 8 hours is nearly impossible, and have developed a training that is short, practical, and entertaining. The industry is incredibly fortunate to have them as a resource.”

Shelby Cude